Friday, June 10, 2016

I see Celiac's

Well I do. I can't seem to stop it. My daughter has asked me NOT to talk about it to others. She says "I see Celiac's" everywhere.  I can't help it.  After just thirty minutes of talking with someone about their health I can see it.  I'm an Herbalist…so I know a little bit about the Human Body.  I've had Gluten issues for over 25 years…so I know a little bit about living Gluten Free.  (Although I have had people advise me that since I'm still UN-diagnosed what I have to say is inconsequential.)  I'm also slightly Psychic when it comes to people’s health. And people actually pay me to help them with their personal issues.

So why is it that most people have a very strong "ignorance is bliss" attitude when it comes to Celiac Disease?? I have to admit that I once did as well. I think it's the word DISEASE that does it…my immediate reaction was "Oh no!! I don't have that!!" And it's very hard to live Gluten-Free. It's tough even under the best circumstances. So for some, I guess it's easier just to pretend it's not there and go on with life. After all, not everyone experiences the same debilitating symptoms that some do - at least not at first. Bathroom issues just become a way of life. And Doctors just love to prescribe drugs to mask the other symptoms.

Even in my own family circle I can spot the ones who have Celiac Disease. And I have a huge family…four generations!! But I'm the ONLY ONE who admits to it.  We have a very strong Celtic Heritage. And it’s always been my understanding that Celiac runs in the Celtic line.  We've had past relatives die of Colon Cancer…it seems to run in the family.  I listen now to the diseases, symptoms and complaints that others are living with…and I can see who they are.  But they don't want to hear it. I tell them that their health will improve immeasurably if they would only just try the diet…but it's too tough. It means giving up too many things that they just can't live without. So they don't want to hear it.  It's frustrating, but I can't do anything about it. So I've had to stop listening to their complaints.  That’s hard.

But I still see Celiac's. So instead, I work with those who recognize who they are. I help those who want help. And I cry every time I lose someone to a disease that could have been prevented or helped by simply changing their diet.  For myself, I’m much healthier now.  I still have my issues, but my diet is healthy - fruits & vegetables with just enough Gluten-Free carbohydrates to get me into trouble.  I’m happier, my attitude is better, I can travel pretty much where-ever I want to…life just goes on, just in a slightly different way.

Carolanne Le Blanc
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  1. It is very hard to "be a celiac" and have to worry about not being able to eat out or finding really good bread for sandwiches but the alternative of the digestive issues are far worse. But we're so conditioned to have these tummy issues and it's just a little indigestion...until it lands you in the hospital! So you have to give up a few things, it's better than having to give up your life. Every health condition you have to give something have have to make the sacrifice to make your life enjoyable. It's that simple...and that hard!

  2. Whenever I hear a friend say,"I think I have chronic fatigue," or...colitis, or joint pain, or migraines, or allergies, or acid reflux, or "I just keep getting sick"...I can't stop myself. I ask if they've ever tried avoiding gluten for a while, and talk about the elimination diet, and offer to help them learn recipes and tactics. Then I *try* to leave them alone until they are ready to hear more, because no one makes big changes until they are ready.