Friday, December 16, 2016

Gluten-Free Grocery Shopping Guide

Cecelia's Marketplace * 2011/2012 Edition * 
Dr Mara Matison & Dainis Matison

Thousands of Gluten-Free products at your fingertips!  Over 37,000 Gluten-Free Products!

This is my Grocery Shopping Bible.  I just love this book.  I recently purchased this latest update...and passed my old used one on to a good friend.  I had to apologize for it's tattered, stained and torn appearance...but she didn't care.  You'd think I'd just handed her the map to the pot of gold hidden at the end of the  I keep mine in the car all the time...taking it in whenever I do a big shop and might end up trying something new.  This great book is so easy to use.  If I find something I want I can just look it up because someone else has done all the research for me.  And it never fails...I go to a friends house they always ask...can I eat something they have decided to serve.  A quick check in my book and I can tell them whether or not it's safe.  I love that if I have a craving for something that might be doubtful I can look it up and there may be an alternative brand that is safe. 

I still take responsibility for myself and the choices that I make...but having someone else doing the research is just soooooo much easier and takes me a lot less time in making my decisions.  I also enjoy the fact that I can check the website at any time to catch any corrections, updates or changes that manufacturers may have made.  I will continue to purchase updated editions each time they come out because I've come to love the feeling of confidence I gain in knowing that I can shop with a bit of intelligence and a lot less work.

Cecelia’s Marketplace was established by both Dr. Mara Matison and Mr. Dainis Matison in 2006, soon after Mara was diagnosed with celiac disease.

What is the difference between the NEW 2011/2012 Edition and last year's edition?
- All products have been reverified gluten-free.
- Over 10,000 new products have been added.
- The guide is printed on slightly thinner paper to keep our small compact size.
- New symbols highlighting products that have been manufactured in the same facility with gluten and symbols highlighting those products manufactured on the same lines with gluten.

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