Friday, December 30, 2016

CheeCha Puffs, Sea Salt & Spiced Pepper...Gluten-Free

"Air-Puffed Potato Snacks, carefully puffed in a hot air puffing process to release the potato flavor."
Gluten-Free, Cholesterol Free, Dairy Free, GMO Free, 0 Trans Fat

I love these things!!  I just opened a fresh bag to enjoy.  And that's the problem...once opened these CheeCha Potato Puffs are sooooo difficult to put down.  In fact, I had given a bag to a dear friend of mine who also lives Gluten-Free...just to get her opinion.  A week later she rather shyly confessed to me that she had eaten the whole just one sitting!!  When I started to laugh she weakly defended herself that they were so good she just couldn't stand the thought of them going stale.  Then she wanted to know where she could buy more.  Give me a minute while I stop for a bite.

Ok...I also pulled them out for a potluck gathering at my home.  Whoooosh...they were gone.  Now in truth, I did have one person say they didn't care for them.  She mentioned that she felt they were too salty...and I know she's someone who watches her salt very carefully.  I happen to like the salty/spicey taste of these.  I may even try the Mediterranean Ginger next time.

I also enjoy the fact that CheeCha Puffs have no greasy feeling at all...not even on my hands.  Even my laptop keyboard is still clean.  These potato puffs are light and crispy, with a really great crunch.  In fact, just the right crunch.  I absolutely hate it when something is so crunchy that it hurts my mouth...not these puffs...they have just enough crunch to be very satisfying.  Next week I'll be passing them around at our monthly Gluten Intolerance Support Group Meeting.  I'm certain they will be a great big success!!

CadCan Marketing & Sales
Calgary, Alberta, Canada T2G 3C3

Ingredients: potato flour, potato starch, sunflower oil, sea salt, salt, sugar, spice, onion powder, garlic powder, and vegetable oil

CheeCha Potato Puffs Flavours: Original, Sea Salt and Spiced Pepper, Sea Salt and Vinegar, Luscious Lime, Mediterranean Ginger

Carolanne Le Blanc
Email: GlutenFreeInFlorida @
Meeting:  4th Saturday of every month except December
Imperial Palms, East Clubhouse, 101 Imperial Palm Drive, Largo, Florida 33771

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  1. Are these available anywhere in the US? All I have seen is Canada.