My name is Carolanne LeBlanc and I live in Florida.  I am an un-diagnosed Celiac who has lived Wheat-Free, then Gluten-Free for nearly 25 years.  I manage a web-based Support Group called “Gluten-Free in Florida” designed specifically for people living or visiting in the Sunshine State.  There are currently over 125 members in the Yahoo Group.  The group gives people across the state an opportunity to talk to others, exchange recipes, share information and education as well as find support. I've also just begun a Face Book page with over 700 members to connect with people and products around the world.

In addition I have been the Moderator of a Gluten-Intolerance Group in Largo, FL for over 3 years now.  Our meetings are held on the 4th Saturday of every month.  The group has been graciously sponsored by The Palms of Largo.  They offer us a free meeting space and we generally have between 12-24 people from the local area attending.

Thank you, to all that have helped the Gluten-Free Community to thrive and grow.

Carolanne LeBlanc
Meeting:  Cypress Palms, 400 Lake Avenue N E, Largo, FL 33771