Friday, June 24, 2016

Chebe Gluten Free Bread Mixes

Slightly Unusual...Unusually Good
All Chebe Products Are Produced In A 100% Wheat Free Facility
Original Chebe Bread mix is unlike any other bread. Based on the Brazilian pao de queijo ("cheese bread"), its main ingredients come from the topical manioc plant (aka cassava or yucca).

These little rolls are simply the best!!  My friends and family affectionately call them “Yuckie Rolls” at my house…but there is nothing yuckie about them!!  In fact we never have a get together when someone doesn’t go looking for them on the table…birthdays, holidays, BBQ’s.  It doesn’t matter…I have to make certain these little Gluten-Free Cheese Rolls are always on the menu.  I’ve been creating with this mix for quite a while now.  I love to try different cheeses & herbs.  I’ve even used those mini pepperonis and cheese, or finely chopped onion & garlic right in the batter…even some minced ham with cheese. MMMmmm…wonderful!! 

At first…getting the batter right was a challenge.  The directions were fine…but I’m lazy when it comes to getting my hands into things…kneading dough…and cleaning up the mess afterwards.  So I have a Kitchenaid…with a heavy duty beater…and I’ve discovered that if I put all the ingredients into the mixer and set it to run for several minutes that everything blends up just fine.  I don’t know if it’s because of where I live…Florida…or just my personal preference…but I do add a bit of extra liquid to the dough to get it just right.  I use those tiny muffins tins - when the rolls puff up they tend to roll around on a flat surface.  The muffin tins work perfectly to keep them under control.

One day I was searching for new ideas to use and read where someone described the final appearance of the dough as very similar to the dough used in making Éclairs.  Whoa!!  I hadn’t had a decent Éclair in years and I thought that the finished rolls might be just perfect…if I just made them plain and didn’t add the cheese.  They would be nice and soft inside…with a perfect, crispy crust outside. So I made up a batch without the cheese…used Kefir for the liquid just to get them to puff up a bit extra…and grabbed my favorite Gluten-Free Vanilla Pudding and Chocolate Frosting in anticipation.  It was a bit of a challenge waiting for those little puffs to get cold...but I managed.  I filled them up with the pudding, added a touch of frosting to the tops and Oh Boy!!  I was in heaven!!  I just had to share them with everyone...or I would have eaten them all by myself.

Chebe Bread Products
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Ingredients: Manioc (tapioca) flour, modified manioc starch (100% manioc), dry milk, iodine-free sea salt.

Carolanne Le Blanc
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