Friday, July 8, 2016

My personal experience

Nearly 30 years ago I developed this horrific rash that managed to cover nearly 75% of my body.  It started slowly enough…but two dermatologist, a walk in clinic, and two primary care doctors later it had nearly taken over.  I was suddenly several hundred dollars poorer and no-one had a clue.  I had tests, creams, lotions, wraps and nothing worked.  I was panic stricken.  Finally I received a verbal referral from a friend to go and see a Naturopath.  Back in those days it wasn’t unusual for a Naturopath to stay hidden in the shadows.  At the time I received my referral the FDA (or some other Government Agency) was busy closing as many Nature based offices as they could terrorize.  So I went to see my new Naturopath…and she literally saved my life!!  I left with a bag full of ‘stuff’ and still had money in my pocket!!  Wow!!  Within two weeks I could tell that I was well on my way to healing completely and I’ve been devoted to my Naturopath ever since. 

I didn’t realize it right away…but my skin issues were my body’s way of making me understand that I was one really sick puppy!!  I think that one of the saddest days of my life was when my Naturopath finally told me that I was allergic to Wheat and that I could never eat regular bread again.  I was just devastated.  I remember driving home in this sort of numb cloud.  To never eat bread again…how was I going to do that?? Up until that point I had never heard of a Health Food Store…let alone walk into one.  And what I found for wheat free products was enough to make me cry.  And I discovered it wasn’t just bread…but cakes, cookies, and pasta…all the things that I absolutely loved.  I was alone…there were no support groups then…I had no-one to talk to…and no-one had even heard of a wheat allergy…let alone know how to deal with one.  So I went without…but I felt better every day and that was such a blessing it was worth the loneliness.

There is no proven medical study. But in my research online I keep finding references to Celiac being passed down through the Celtic line - Brittany, Cornwall, Ireland, the Isle of Man, Scotland, and Wales.  And the closer the family ties are to any of the Celtic Nations…the higher the probability that you do have Celiac.  I’ve read that it can be like Diabetes in that everyone has it…but it takes a traumatic event in life to trigger it.  I’ve also read that for many people they didn’t have any issues with Celiac until after an accident or physical trauma, or some sort of mental/emotional stress.  Many people support that it can be triggered by a life changing event.

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