Friday, May 13, 2016

Getting a LapBand with Celiac Disease - Part III

When I first considered getting a LapBand I tried to research any information about LapBands and Celiac Disease and the only thing I found were others asking the same answers. I'm hoping to help others who might be on the same search. Don't forget to check out Part I and Part II as well.

Well, I went for my first fill this week. That was interesting.  They had me lay down with a pillow at my lower back…poked around for the port…popped the needle in then helped me to sit back up again.  I’d been advised to bring in something cold to drink because it was easier to ‘feel’ it. So while I took a few sips she fidgeted with my fill. It was a bit weird…I really could feel the fluid stopping at the band while she timed it until I told her it had passed through.  I ended up with 3.5cc's for my first fill.  I think that it’s actually less than I really wanted because I was pretty nervous and anxious about it.  I know I’ll feel a bit more confident next time.

I lost a total of 8lbs between my pre-op and post-op visits…but felt I may have gained it all back while waiting for my first fill.  So I was pretty surprised when they told me that I had actually stayed the same.  Then I learned that I had lost an additional 6lbs and replaced it with 6lbs of muscle.  That was a good thing.  So I actually lost an additional 6 virtual pounds…lol!!  Now I know better…don’t get upset with a small gain or standstill until they check your BMI for virtual pounds…there may be a few lost pounds hidden in there.

I’m still using my food log…they’re very conscientious about keeping track of what I eat and making certain I stay on a healthy diet.  There are a few different ones out there but this is my favorite…  I've always been a healthy eater...real food, nothing processed, nothing white.  There was still room to make some small changes.  Sugar in the Raw for I'm using Agave syrup for most things...especially my morning coffee...half-caf, thank you very much :-)  And I do keep vanilla 60-calorie puddings in the fridge...for those times when I absolutely have to have something that seems like a treat.  When it comes to Gluten-Free replacements...breads, pasta, crackers, etc...I've always kept them to a minimum, but now I stay away from the white rice flours like the plague.  I've always preferred whole grain even if it was Gluten-Free.

As for my un-diagnosed Celiac Disease...I've been lucky.  The extreme dieting, the surgery, the pain medications, the recovery...I've managed to come through it all with very little trouble.  My tummy is just fine...I'm adjusting to the Band really well...and results are slow and steady...which is really fine with me.  Everyone's journey is a personal one.  When I had reached a crossroads in my life...there were very few answers for me.  Here's hoping you've been able to find some that have helped you.

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