Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Busch Gardens is NOT Gluten-Free safe :-(

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  1. For me the most frustrating thing about Celiac Disease is the way people treat your gluten free diet like it’s a “Lifestyle choice”. People seem to lump “Gluten Free” in with “Low Fat”, “Low Carb”, “Organic”, “Vegetarian”, “Vegan”, “Kosher”, “Free-Range”, etc… Things that if you were stuck on a desert island and HAD to eat something outside that choice – your health wouldn’t be affected. When in fact “Gluten Free” should be lumped in with diseases and allergies. If you say “I’m diabetic so I need a low sugar option” people don’t get all huffy. If you say “I’m allergic to shellfish” the kitchen specially washes your pan, scrubs down the prep surface, and prepares something that hasn’t touched shellfish or shellfish contaminated equipment. They don’t want to call an ambulance because they made your throat swell shut.

  2. We went to Busch Gardens today. The park was not busy at all. We walked right on many rides. I was met with the same lack of service that you received. Nobody seemed to know or care about gluten free items. I ended up eating an apple all day at the park. The fries are cooked with the chicken. They couldn't tell me what was in different food items and didn't try to find out. If you're going to Busch Gardens in Tampa, bring your own food.

  3. I've sent this entire blog to Busch Gardens nearly two weeks response...sad :-(

  4. I go to Busch Gardens in Williamsburg Va every years for the last 25 years. I have written to them online, prior to going for the last 3 years so that I could see if they had changes.
    I have found that the managers at the different restaurants had more knowledge regarding the gluten free foods. Now I can go and have no problem at all, they even tell you to go directly to a manager and have them make your platter. I also have dairy intolerance (cassein and lactose) so I am even more limited. But I have not had a problem eating there since being gluten free. And I eat my way through Busch Gardens!!!! Even getting gluten free beer if I want it.